Thirty Bookish Facts You Clearly Wanted to Know About Me


Hello, blogglings! It is I, Aine, back from vacation and her hiatus that she totally didn’t mean to take but ended up taking accidently. Whoops.

Anyways, it’s been a some slow past couple of months, blogging wise, mostly because I’ve been so dang busy. Like, I think I’ve only been at my own house for maybe two weeks this summer? Like, we’ll be home for one or two days, then boom! We’re off at the next thing. It’s somewhat exhausting. I think my parents are doing this because it’s the whole college thing next year and it’s the first year that I might not have an empty summer. Like I might find an internship or something. WHO KNOWS. But you don’t want to hear my excuses, so I’m just going to say I aim to make August the best blogging month ever.

(also the best writing month ever because I have like four partway finished novels. I’m currently stuck in the biggest writer’s rut of my life and have no idea how to get out.)

Anyways, a few days ago Cait posted a post called 30 Bookish Facts About Me That You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted to Know, and she invited people to answer the questions on their own blogs. An unofficial book tag type thing. I thought it looked fun so I decided to do it.

1)CURRENTLY READING? Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. I got the first book, Steelheart, while I was on vacation and finished it super quickly, then downloaded Firefight onto my phone and have been (somewhat more slowly) reading it on the Kindle app. (As a side note, libraries that have a good selection of ebooks are awesome)

2)SHOULD’VE READ, LIKE, YESTERDAY? I’ve had The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer sitting on my shelf since December. I should have started it ages ago. But everyone insists that I will love it so it kind of scares me a little bit? What if I don’t love it? WHAT IF?

3)BOOK THAT IMPACTED YOU? Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. I read this book when I was at kind of the height of anxiety…and it was just so awesome.

4)HYPED VS. BACKLIST BOOKS? Hyped books are great and all, because you meet a lot more people that have read them, but there’s something so satisfying about finding a really really awesome backlist book. It’s like unearthing buried treasure. Then you can go and shriek to all your book blogging friends about them so they read it and then you can talk about it.

5)CURRENT SERIES CRUSH? The Mortal Instruments. Not because I love the books, exactly (or the author, either. I’ve heard that Cassandra Clare isn’t nice to fans), but those new covers. //drools

6)HOW STRONG IS YOUR SELF CONTROL AROUND BOOKS? I say I have no self control around books, but honestly? Normally I only buy brand new full priced books every couple of months. I have a little less self control around used bookstores, but it’s still rare that I spend more than $20 at once on books. Around libraries, though? GIVE ME ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW.

7)PLOT VS. CHARACTERS? Characters. Great characters can save a book with a not-great plot, but a great plot can’t save a book with not-great characters. At least in my opinion.

8)WOULD YOU RIGHT UNDER A PSEUDONYM? I actually kind of already do? All my blogging and writing stuff I do under Aine Grace. Which is my real name, yes, but it’s somewhat drastically shortened. So it’s my real name BUT a fake name at the same time.


10)DO YOU EVER GET SICK OF READING? My first instinct was to shout NO OF COURSE NOT YOU MONSTER, but then I thought about it a bit more, and realized, yes, I do get sick of reading, but only if all I’ve been doing is reading for the past couple of days.

11)RANDOM BOOKISH MEMORY? This takes some explaining, but my family never buys me books for Christmas or my birthday. Instead, they give me Barnes & Noble gift cards. Like, literally almost everyone gives me gift cards (and I have a huge family. Huge.) And I was in downtown mid February for something…maybe a birthday party or something? I can’t remember. Either way, I ended up filling my arms with book in Barnes & Noble while a friend trailed me through the store reminding me that A) we were still going to dinner, afterward, and B) carrying a hundred dollars worth of books might get slightly old. Because we were in downtown and it was freaking freezing.

I still bought them.

It was worth it.

12)CHARACTER YOU RELATE TOO? Cath from Fangirl, what with her socially anxious, writerly fangirling ways, Sam from Shiver with his bookishness, and Katniss from The Hunger Games with her love of food.

13)DO YOU OWN BOOKISH MERCHANDISE? Not really. I have a couple of posters from book launches and stuff, and I have one of those banned book totes, but I don’t know if that counts.

14)CONTROVERSIAL OPINION? Well, I agree with Cait about the #ownvoices thing, but I also think that we have enough strong female characters. But before you get mad, hear me out. People seem to think “strong female character” means the character has to be…well…unfeminine. A tom boy. I want  more girls who save the world wearing a dress.

My thing lately has been write complex characters. Write interesting characters. Write realistic characters. Write characters who just simply happen to be women.

15)NOTP? My first reaction for this was Kylo Ren/Rey (for several reasons), but in books? I guess Katniss/Gale (Gale was a jerk and never liked him).

16)WHY DIDN’T I LOVE THIS? I should have loved Seraphina, Dragon’s Keep, and  The Girl of Fire and Thorns. But I just…didn’t.

17)HARDCOVER VS. PAPERBACK? Hardbacks all the way! They’re just so nice.

18)DO YOU EVER LIKE VILLAINS? Yes. Sometimes more than the heroes.

19)CRINGABLE READS? I had a friend who gave me the book Jumping Off Swings because she got it as a gift, read it, and didn’t like it. It was a  book about teen pregnancy, which made me hesitant to begin with, but the book was…not good.

20)WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR BOOKS FROM? I try to mostly buy from indie bookstores because I love them, but we live less then a mile from a Barnes & Noble. Yep. I also recently discovered The Book Depository (I’m a bit late to the party, I know), which is totally awesome.

21)HAUNTING READ? Code Name Verity. I remember sitting in stunned silence after I finished.

22)HIGHLY ANTICIPATED UPCOMING RELEASE? BLOOD FOR BLOOD. I NEED IT NOW. Also Empire of Storms,  Crooked Kingdom, Heartless, Long May She Reign, Gemina, and tons more that I can’t currently thing of.

23)ANNOYING CHARACTER QUALITIES? I’ve always disliked the characters who are like “I’m so UNIQUE and no one UNDERSTANDS me and besides, everyone else is STUPID anyways”. Like, no. Stop.

24)LEAST FAVORITE GENRE? Historical fiction. I just…am not that into it. I mean, I have read good historical fiction, but most of it bores me to bits.

25)BEST TROPES? I love the lost princess trope. LOVE IT. Also quirky best friends, werecreatures, and dystopians that have you sorted into different societies once you reach a certain age.

26)REREADING? Yep. I do all the time.

27)HAVE YOU EVER ABUSED A BOOK? I used to. Back when I was a poor middle schoolers, I bought most of my books second hand, and most of those books were horribly beat up. And so I abused them. I dog eared the pages and got them wet and ate while reading. But now that I buy mostly new books, and the books I buy used look new, I’ve gotten into a habit of treating all books like they’re brand new.

28)SERIES YOU QUIT ON? Vampire Academy. I knew someone who was obsessed with it, so I read it just for fun, and while I remember liking the first three books, I don’t think I liked any of the other ones.

29)WISH IT WASN’T A STANDALONE? I READ A STANDALONE RECENTLY THAT I REALLY WANTED A SEQUEL TO BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IS WAS. I’m sure I’ll remember the second that I post this, but I also want a second Vicious novel. And I feel like VE Schwab mentioned possibly plotting a sequel, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not positive.

30)BAD BOOKWORM SIDE-EFFECTS? Paper cuts. They’re awful, and weirdly painful for something that’s so small.

Happy Sunday,



8 thoughts on “Thirty Bookish Facts You Clearly Wanted to Know About Me

  1. I love this list! #11 is awesome! Books are always worth it. I agree with your #14, everything. *cheers* We just need realistic and complex characters because that’s who people are. And the tropes! I love any lost royalty and dystopian worlds are one of my favorites! Great post!


    1. My friend was somewhat annoyed because I kept smacking her legs with my bag of books. BUT HER PAIN WAS WORTH IT.
      I don’t get why the lost royalty trope gets so much hate? GIVE ME ALL THE LOST PRINCES AND PRINCESSES.


  2. OMG I LOVED YOUR ANSWERS!! THIS MADE ME SMILE SO MUCH.😂 Also yes yes to all the books your anticipating. And I’m sorry for the “sick of reading” question…I am a monster. BUT IT HAPPENS RIGHT?!? As long as it doesn’t last too long because that would be the truest evil tragedy. And omg I looooove Cassandra Clare’s books! I’ve heard she’s really nice though, hmm. Ah well. I will just devour all her books forever and ever. :’)

    So is Grace your middle name? Because it’s my middle name too. *hi fives* WE’RE BASICALLY TWINS YOU REALISE.


    1. I know. It would be a tragedy if it lasted longer than like, two days.
      And I’ve heard that she’s super nice to fans in person, but she gets kind of mean to people online.
      It’s not! It’s part of my last name (notice how I say “part of” and not “all of”). My middle name is Hawaiian and if I was to write it out no one would would be able to pronounce it except other people who speak Hawaiian.


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