The Sundae Book Tag (Original)


I have been mourning the lack of new book tags for a while now. I love book tags! I think they’re super fun to do! And I haven’t seen any new ones pop up in the last couple of month, so I thought, well, why don’t I create one myself?

So I decide to. I luckily Googled my idea first to make sure it wasn’t already a thing…and it was. So was the next one. And the next one. But I was also thinking about ice cream, and so I thought about creating an ice cream book tag. But that was already taken.

So, the Sundae Book Tag was born!

There are no rules to this book tag, other than link back to me. Go nuts! (heh heh)


I would first like to say that I’m notorious in my family for eating ice cream all year round. There’s a story people like to tell about how one year I left my grandparent’s house and came back twenty minutes later with gelato. This would not seem like a funny story to you, nor was it particularly out of the ordinary, except there was a good foot of snow on the ground and it was below freezing. #noregrets. But, I do know that for most people ice cream is a summer thing.

Anyways, I’ve gotten slightly off topic. My first instinct is to say the Anna and the French Kiss series by Stephanie Perkins, because they’re super cute, fluffy romances, but they also take place in winter. So I’m going to go with The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. This is a new release, but it’s adorable and full of pizza and cute writers and tons of dogs.


This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. From what I can tell, her books are pretty dark in general, but This Savage Song is gritty and intense and fantastic, plus I totally identify with August. It’s sort of dystopian and sort of urban fantasy and sort of neither, because it’s really a book about humans and monsters and what it means to be both, and if you’re one, can you truly be the other. Totally recommend it.


I adored The Lost & Found, and despised Finding Aubrey. Both are about anxiety, but while The Lost & Found protrayed it in a realistic way, Finding Aubrey basically used it for a joke.

Also, doesn’t it seem like people either can’t get enough of caramel or can’t get it further away from them?


I’ve never read something like Furthermore before. Ever. It’s just so unique and unlike anything I’ve ever even heard of and I kind of don’t know how I feel about it? I keep sitting down to write a review of it and then having no idea where to start.


Anna and the French Kiss. I went into this book super hesitantly. I knew it was widely adored, and I had read one of Stephanie Perkin’s short stories and liked her writing style, but A) the titles of the series are extremely cheesy, and B) I was worried that I’d go into this super hyped book to find it it was actually not that great.

No, it’s good. It’s so good. And I’m normally not a huge fan of super fluffy romances but in this book it totally worked, plus I loved Anna. Loved her. Also, food.


I read Passenger recently, and it totally should have been my thing. Time travel adventurey epicness with snarky characters, but it was actually kind of boring (read: a lot boring). It’s really too bad, because that cover. Even without the book jacket it’s beautiful.


WOLF BY WOLF. Anyone who’s asked me about my favorite books recently has heard me talking about this book. But it’s so amazing. Ryan Graudin’s writing style is gorgeous, and Yael is such an interesting, flawed character. All the characters are interesting and flawed. Except for Felix. Felix is a sweetheart who needs to be protected at all costs.


I was just going to say The Accident Season, because it’s been less than a year since I’ve read it, but I’ve talked a lot about it, so I went to stare at my bookshelves, and realized.

The Raven King. How have I not gushed over my love for The Raven King on this blog yet??? It’s shocking, it’s impossible, IT’S INCONCEIVABLE, DANG IT (that’s totally the quote, don’t argue with me on this one). But The Raven King was basically all the Maggie Stiefvater awesomeness squished into one book, and I read it so fast the first time I had basically no memory of what had happened so I had to go back and reread it the next morning.

It caused me to have feels, basically. Not one feel, feels. Plural.


Ellie @ On the Other Side of Reality

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters

Kayla @ Caught Between the Pages

Cait @ Paper Fury

and Ashley @ Enter Title Here

Anyone who wants to do this tag is welcome to (spread it around! let me become internet famous for this). If you do end up doing this tag, give me a link and I’ll come check it out!

Blogglings, do you eat ice cream in the middle of winter like I do? Do you like book tags? What’s your favorite kind of sundae? (I banana splits, but without the pineapple)

Happy Thursday,


6 thoughts on “The Sundae Book Tag (Original)

  1. This tag looks so awesome! I like what you did with it. And I loved that story you told about getting ice cream in the snow! Ice cream is for every season! I know ice cream is “stereotyped” as a summer thing, but I’ve noticed that when it starts getting cold outside people get ice cream cravings. When I worked at a grocery store and the weather would FINALLY cool off (in November; I live in Texas) people would buy more ice cream while their significant other would complain that it is NOT NATURAL to want ice cream in the winter. XD Not to mention, ice cream typically is cheaper in the winter months. *shrugs* Idk. It just is.

    AH! I’ve been wanting to read This Savage Song so badly. I only hear good things about it! So that’s promising. 🙂

    I always hear that people are disappointed in Passenger or that they love it. It seems to be the contemporary readers like it and those who are more prone to time travel and adventure find it slow. Which makes me sad because the cover is SO BEAUTIFUL! Awesome post! And thank you for the tag. 🙂


    1. I like how it was just ONE person buying ice cream and the other person is complaining that you shouldn’t buy ice cream in the winter. That’s always how it is if I bring someone along. They buy a coffee or something and watch me and complain that it’s winter and so I shouldn’t eat ice cream.
      It does, doesn’t it? I hoped that I would be one of the people who loved it, but alas, I guess not. If you try it, hopefully you’re one of the people who loves it.


    1. It was so interesting. And I have absolutely no idea how I feel about it, which is very odd and somewhat confusing?
      I was super sad, especially because it seemed like everyone I talked to loved it, and it was so hyped up.


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