Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader/Blogger


This week’s TTT is about going back and doing a prompt you may have missed, and I decided to do Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being a Reader/Blogger. Because I do! And I feel like I don’t talk about that enough.


I learn about books I never would have otherwise. Before I started blogging, my TBR pile was always pretty manageable. The only new books I knew about that where coming out were ones by authors I already knew. But now? My TBR pile is through the roof and as much as I complain about it sometimes I actually love it.


The book blogging community is the nicest community I have ever been apart of. I’m serious! I don’t think I’ve ever had a negative experience with another book blogger. I know there must be mean book bloggers out there, but I haven’t found any yet.


I get to talk about books with other people who genuinely love books. If I try to talk about books with my friends I can see their eyes glaze over. But with book blogging, I’m surrounded by people who love books just as much as I do and I love that! I adore all of you.


It gives me a voice and it’s (for the most part) anxiety-free. I’m sure you know that I have social anxiety. In real life, I tend to freeze up or not contribute to conversations even if I want to, but on the internet, it feels safe.


I would be lying if I say ARCs aren’t a perk. I don’t blog because of ARCs or for ARCs…if I never got an ARC ever again I’d still be blogging, but getting a book before the release date is pretty awesome, you have to admit.


Book. related. events. I was at YALLWest in May, which was the awesomest thing ever. And book launches and book signings are so fun because you get to talk with other book people and it’s like a giant party except not uncomfortable and in a bookstore.


Bragging rights. Because we read this book or that one before it became massively popular.


It’s a creativity booster. You can read the most fascinating book and suddenly get an idea, even if it has nothing whatsoever to do with the book itself.


You actually have some sort of contact with authors. Even if you never meet them in real life, book bloggers tend to have some sort of contact with authors, normally through social media. And I think that’s such a cool thing.


You get to explore new cultures, new lifestyles, new worlds through books. And who wouldn’t want that?

Happy Tuesday,


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader/Blogger

  1. I looove this list and couldn’t agree more! Omg! I love book blogging for just having friends who understand how awesome and wonderful books are.😍 My family completely doesn’t get it. COmPLETELY. Breaks my heart. And also yess to #4. No one online believes I’m an anxious turtle. But the internet is so safe! I have time to think up my thoughts and it’s so much easier to type than to speak to other humans for some reason. Looove me some book blogging. ❤
    Also I love book blogging because it's made me read a LOT more widely than I used to, which is intensely awesome!


    1. YES. Every time I talk about books and I get a blank-eyed stare m heart breaks a little bit.
      It’s the whole face-to-face thing that triggers my anxiety. And I know some people do have a problem with it online but that’s not it for me? Or apparently you, either.


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