Bookish Instagrams You Should Follow


I am an instagram newbie. I only joined a couple of weeks ago, after years of all my various friends telling me to join it because it is awesome. And it is awesome. I’m mildly obsessed. And mildly is putting it mildly (har har).

And while I do follow my friends and family, I mostly follow bookish people (and foodie people). Not only book bloggers, but authors and publishers as well. So, this post will contain all three.

(also, if you want to follow me…I’m ainekeale. It’s a personal account, so it’s private, but I do post a lot of photos of books. Also, food).

#rfabseptember16: book and flowers • Because #rainbowbooks make me SO VERY HAPPY. And also I fold these kusudama flowers myself because so talented am I omg. Also I had a bit of a dramatic and stressful evening due to some of my photos being stolen. And I'm talking watermarks cropped out, captions taken, and even a perusal of the bookstagrammer's actual blog shows my POSTS where stolen too. I can't even begin to describe now disappointing that is. I work hard at my content and seeing it stolen breaks my little soul. Stealing photos is ALWAYS stealing. It's not a compliment. It's not flattery. The issue has been resolved this particular time but it happens to me a lot. MY FACE IS ALL THE SAD. • So please please remember: do NOT take photos unless (A) you are doing a shout out to direct humans to an account you love [which is lovely so do that!!] and you tag the account; or (B) you ask permission to use the photo. Anything else is illegal, my fine friends. • Let's not be pirates, okay? Keep bookstagram a welcoming and lovely community!! • • #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #instareads #book #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading #bookchallenge #bookishspinebeauty #bookspines #lineofbooks #bookishrainbow #endrant #bookandflower #plentifulpaperbacks

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I’m starting with Cait, because she’s pretty well-known in the bloggling community for her fabulous blog, but she also runs a pretty steller instagram account. It’s colorful and cluttered in the most wonderful of ways, and beautifully eye-catching.

Alexandra has mastered the art of making props and books pop against plain backgrounds, and even though she uses few props, her photos still catch your eye as you scroll past.

Tina’s photos are crisp and clean. She uses very few props, focusing instead on the book itself.

I hate maths but I don't mind a good book square.

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Emily’s photos are bright and colorful, often showcased against a white background, which makes the colors pop even more.

Pre-order GIVEAWAY alert! . 🚥 Alright guys, here’s how this giveaway goes! There is NO following, commenting, or tagging required. . 🚥 All you have to do is send in your proof of pre-order purchase of #TheLovelyReckless by email to enter. . 🚥 Email your screenshot or receipt proof of purchase to: . 🚥 PRIZE PACK INCLUDES: . 💙Signed Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie tie-in edition 💙Signed Hollow City hardcover 💙Signed Library of Souls hardcover 💙Miss Peregrine and Twins official Funko Pops 💙The Lovely Reckless pillow and pouch by @evieseo . 🚥 Ends October 3rd, US entries only. . 🚥 Please make sure if you take a screenshot that you DO NOT include billing or credit card info in the shot. . 🚥 The Lovely Reckless hits shelves on October 4! I snagged an ARC copy of “The Lovely Reckless” by @kamigarcia when I was at BEA and really loved it. Can't wait to get my hands in the finished copy! . 🚥 Good Luck! . 🔮necklace by @eejewellery

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While this instagram doesn’t really have one specific style, it’s totally worth the follow.

Aentee’s photos are full of flowers and often twinkling fairy lights, and they have a very soft and calming feeling to them.

Heyyyyy Friends!!! 🤗 How's everyone's week going?! Friday is almost here!! I'm still working on EoS. Taking my sweet sweet time with this one. I am NOT ready, not not not ready to finish. I don't think I'll survive waiting a YEAR!! 💔😭 . 🍁 Sooooo, I'm a day late to this one (surprise, surprise!) but Day 20 of #livelaughbooksseptember was A Feast For Crows (book and food) in honor of GRRM's birthday. I'm so absolutely in love with this Inside HBOs Game of Thrones book my amazing Brother and Seester got me! 😍❤️❤️ The perks of having a brother work at a book store…he's always bringing me gifts! Best Brother EVER! (In case he reads this) 😁❤️ . 🍁 I'm also going to cheat a little and combine this with Day 21: Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!! Because fall being here just means WINTER IS COMING!!! 😉 . 🍁 Also, as a heads up, giveaway is still open if you haven't already entered! I'm enjoying reading everyone's comments so much! I know I haven't responded but I WILL eventually get caught up on them all! 😘❤️ . . . . . #gameofthrones #got #winteriscoming #jonsnow #stark #funkopop #funko

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Kels’ photos are cluttered and her instagram has a very clear aesthetic, and she manages to make it look so easy.

The above four are all publisher’s instagram accounts, but they feel like they’re being run by book bloggers; they don’t have the overly-promotional feeling to them that some other publisher’s instagrams can get.

Carson's sweetness was almost criminal. #dogsofebbco

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This is a must-follow because it’s A) a local, awesome bookstore, and B) it posts pictures of every dog that comes into the store. I’m serious.

Sometimes author’s instagram accounts can be somewhat…boring, but Leigh Bardugo posts cool stuff about her books pretty often…sneak peeks of the finished book, maps, fan art…it’s pretty awesome.

Maggie Stiefvater is all around awesome. She posts pictures of her art, her cars, her dogs, sometimes of her goats in t-shirts…

One word, one line, one day at a time.

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Victoria Schwab keeps you updated on her newest books via instagram, also of fan art and sometimes her color-coordinated bookshelves.

Yep! Do you blogglings have any bookish instagrams you think I should follow? Do you follow any of these?

Also, I’ll be at the Three Dark Crowns signing tonight at University Bookstore, so if any other Seattle area book bloggers are there…I’d love to meet you! I’ve never actually met another book blogger in person, and it would be cool too.

Happy Thursday,


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