“So, Aine, what has your Life Been Like Recently?” And I Tell You, Even Though You Didn’t Ask


This is halfway a lifey update post and halfway a post explaining why I’m not posting.

For those of you that don’t know, I started school on September 26th. I’m in the Pastry and Baking Arts program, meaning culinary school, in training to be a certified pastry chef, and while I knew it meant an early wake-up time, I didn’t realize how much stuff they would dump on us the first week. This means,

  • Thirty vocabulary words, which I have to be able to define and spell, half of which are in French or Italian and I speak neither of those two languages. Also, I am an atrocious speller
  • Four chapters of a textbook, which we need to take notes on, all within less than three days, and over 150 pages
  • Plus, we need to learn how the kitchen works, how to use the various equipment, where everything is kept, all the sanitation rules, how to run the bakery case, even though first quarter students aren’t even allowed to turn on the oven.
  • And let’s not forgot learning everyone’s names even though you have no time to talk to anyone.

Add in a bus ride, random life stuff, I have basically no free time. Which means basically no time to blog. I have to get into the habit of writing my posts for the week and scheduling them, instead of writing them the night before like I normally do.

But, it’s fun, and we make delicious stuff, and you also get a great excuse to buy random bits of cooking equipment that you might not ever use otherwise, but LOOK, IT’S A FORK MADE SPECIFICILY FOR DIPPING STRAWBERRIES IN CHOCOLATE.

Letting me loose in a store like Sur La Table is almost as dangerous as letting me loose in a bookstore, FYI. I’ll spend all my money and possibly all of yours if you happen to leave your wallet somewhere within easy access.

And my computer is being stupid, and not letting me download images from my phone onto it, but if you want to see pictures (and I’m sure there will be a lot), follow me on Instagram. Just a quick FYI, though; It’s currently set to private, because I don’t want my pictures to end up on billboards in China (no, seriously. That happened to a friend of ours).

And, in case you were curious as to what I’ve been making these past two weeks…

  • A crazy amount of cookie dough
  • A Mozart cake
  • Fudge frosting
  • Ivanna Nutters (which people inform me are just Nutter Butters, but better. I have not tried them, however, because I do not like peanut butter)
  • Fondant
  • Simple syrup
  • Passion fruit bars
  • Pumpkin pave (which is like pumpkin pie, but infinitely better)
  • Sweet orange buiscits
  • Did I mention the cookie dough???
  • Seriously, I have made an insane amount of cookie dough.

I have also found out that first quarter students are often given the jobs no one else wants to do. Which means, I have basically found out the very worst jobs in the building. This includes

  • Measuring glycerin. This stuff looks like it should be the consistancy of jello, but it’s super thick and super sticky. The actual measuring part isn’t that bad, but it’s horrible to clean up.
  • Grating chocolate. I grated three pounds of chocolate. By. Hand. That was not fun.
  • Taking out the floor mats at the end of the day for cleaning. Not only are they dirty, but they look like they should be super light. They’re not. They weigh at least thirty pounds.
  • Cleaning the measuring room. Every single bin of ingredients has to be cleaned and put back exactly where you found it. It would be fine, if not for the ten million containers of spices.
  • Making fondant. Because that stuff is worse than glycerin.

And I have had a couple of problems with some of the other students. We were warned the first day that there would be some clashes with personality, but I figured I’d just kind of ride it out. There are eight of us, and I’m kind of having problems with two of the people. A girl who just seems kind of gossipy and gets really easily irritated at other people, and a boy who barely helps with cleanup, and seems to have no idea what personal space is.

But other that, it’s going great. I’m having fun, learning cool stuff. Also, am constantly exhausted, but the other students say that you get used to it around your fifth quarter.

And, other things that have happened in my life:

I won a whole bunch of books for my review of This Savage Song.

Happy Friday,



10 thoughts on ““So, Aine, what has your Life Been Like Recently?” And I Tell You, Even Though You Didn’t Ask

    1. I think I’ve made thirty pounds of cookie dough in the last week. Thirty. Pounds.

      And it does have a super pretty cover! It’s kind of too bad that the story inside doesn’t hold up.


  1. OMG YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM!! Or at least, probably not because my idea of “Living the dream” is just eating all the things which someone else cooks for me (and cleans up because let’s be honest that is not part of the dream) Ahem. And omggg so many books!! 😍 You’re amazing! Congrats on winning that gloriousness! AHHH!!!


  2. WOW, what an amazing stack of books to win! Congrats!

    My niece went to pastry chef school and found it grueling and exhilarating, from what I could tell. Now she makes macarones and other small tasty things for a living.


    1. There are actually even some that aren’t even in that picture. It’s insane. I love it.

      It is totally exhausting, yes, but from what I can tell it’ll be totally worth it.


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