Top Ten Characters I Name An Actual Living Thing After


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is all about character names; more specificly, characters you’d name an actual living thing after, pet or child. I was super excited to find out that was this week’s theme, because I’ve put waaay more thought into this than most people probably would have.

I’ve wanted a corn snake for a couple of years, and I’ve always thought if I got one, I’d name it Eleven (after my favorite Doctor, but now it would have a double geeky meaning!) or Hermione (it just seems like a super cute name for a snake). However, this pet probably will not come to pass, at least until I move out, because my mom has a major rodent phobia and objects to the idea of keeping dead mice in the freezer. My totally sound logic (how is it any different than keeping cow and chicken parts in the freezer?) was shot down. So no corn snake.

But I can still put aside totally awesome fictional character names for future pets.

(My possible future kids are probably going to end up with names like Saffron and Hartley…somewhat out there names that I’ve stumbled across when researching character names).




This name somehow manages to be both soft and fierce at the same time, and I totally love the namesake, so I’ll probably have at least one future pet named Aelin or Celaena or something along those lines. And I’ll also have the totally fun experiance of watching people who don’t read the books totally mangle pronouncing it.



I know this isn’t from a book, but Kaylee from Firefly was awesome, and it’d be a totally amazing name for a dog. I mean, it’s awesome as a human name, too, but doesn’t it just seem like it was made for a dog?



While Kaylee seems made for a dog, the name Annabeth would totally fit a cat. Especially if the cat has gray eyes or is blonde-ish in color, and looks at you as if you have just said something spectacularly stupid.



Most people either loved or hated Magonia, and I’m firmly in the love category, mostly for the fantastic writing style, but I have a total name crush on the name Aza.


(I’m not telling you how to pronounce this)

Marissa Meyer picks the best names for her characters, and just awesome names in general, but I especially love Cress. It can stand as either a full name or a nickname, like it is in The Lunar Chronicles.



(again, this should be a pretty simple name to figure out how to pronounce)

Our favorite teenage mastermind/thief/snark lord. I’m actually kind of surprised I haven’t seen more of a rise of this name on the various baby naming sites I visit when naming characters, because it’s the just right sort of cool to be popular right now. And it’s reference, without being too obvious a reference (like, a kid named Hermione is instantly going to be pegged as having Harry Potter-loving parents).



This would be especially funny if you named an Akita dog Akiva. It would be like you gave it a superhero name. Akiva Akita, wonderdog.

(I’m really tired, if you can’t tell)



I actually have an aunt who was talking about a friend who had a newborn baby that they named Gansey, and had absolutely no idea why I was fangirling off in the corner. I have no idea if it was a Raven Boys reference or not, but it’s not that common a name, so I’m thinking it was. And it’s a really awesome name.


Bazz or Bass, depending on who you’re talking too

I was tempted to put down Simon, since I have a total name crush on the name Simon, but really, Baz is way more unique and I liked Baz as a character more, anyways (shocking, I know, what with my adoration of all characters named Simon).



Depending on who you’re talking too, they might connect this name to Supernatural, or they might connect it to White Cat, which is my intention. If you name a white cat Cas…I’ll become your best friend forever.




I’ve wanted to name a cat Dalek pretty much since I started watching Doctor Who. No idea why, but I have. ONE DAY, I WILL FULFILL THIS DREAM.

What’re some of your favorite book-character names, blogglings? Do our lists share any of the same ones? Do you have any pets named after fictional characters?

Happy Tuesday,




4 thoughts on “Top Ten Characters I Name An Actual Living Thing After

  1. CAS!!! YES TO CAS!! There is no downside to a name like Cas tbh. ❀ I named a character it, but short for Cassius. Which seems actually quite cruel in reflection since it was a contemporary…poor chap. AHEM ANYWAY. omg someone named their child Gansey?! Because good because that's my #1 plan if I ever have kids. And obviously I'll need to have 4 boys because…well, AHEM, NO REASON. *laughs like a deranged squid* Also Kaz is an excellent name. And Kell. I love Kell due due to A Darker Shade of Magic.😍


    1. It works for a boy, it works for a girl, it’s super cute with either…Cas is the all-around perfect name.
      I KNOW, RIGHT? I totally want a picture of this kid with The Raven Boys, even though that seems kind of creepy now that I think about it.


  2. YES TO KAZ AND ANNABETH. Definitely two of my favorite characters, and two great names as well. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❀


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