NaNoWriMo 2016 Prep: Survival Kit


I continue my NaNo prep series for the second week in a row! This week I’m talking about the thing that you add to all year…the survival kit!

My survival kit is actually not more of a survival heap, because it’s all kind of piled in an old basket because I have no other space to put it.

And survival kits are super varied…I know of one person who just has a pair of headphones and sticky notes. Whereas mine…is overflowing. Literally.

The Essentials

  • My bullet journal + all bullet journaling supplies
  • A regular notebook
  • Sticky notes in four different colors
  • Highlighters in four different colors
  • A baby naming books

The Non-Essentials That Aren’t…Well…Essential But Are Still Totally Needed!

  • My “It’s a Dark and Stormy Night” mug
  • Three different kinds of tea
  • Hot chocolate packets
  • Any Halloween candy I might happen upon.
  • A stuffed animal to stare at me while I write and therefor motivate me (this year it’s a life-size Stitch)
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Various snacks (dried fruit, crackers, beef jerky, ect.)

HELP I’m Juggling NaNo and College At The Same Time! (So I’ll Write at Lunch)

  • Noise canceling headphones
  • A bluetooth keyboard so I can write on my phone


So, blogglings, what’s in your NaNo survival kit? Do our kits share any of the same things?

Happy Monday,




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