I Promise I’m Not Trying to Rob a Bank, I Just Need To Know [Blank] || Weird Things Writers Research in the Name of Accuracy, Part 2


Happy (day after) Thanksgiving to all my America readers, and happy Friday to everyone else!

About an a week and a half ago, I did part one of this post. To sum it up: I asked fellow wrimos the weirdest thing they’ve ever researched while writing. They responded. In droves. It’s pretty amazing and somewhat hilarious the things we research to make sure our novels stay accurate.

(I promise I’m not a murderer, I just need to know how to get rid of a body)

The symptoms of arsenic poisoning, a more precise location of carotid artery and how many there are (surprised I didn’t know, being a doctor’s son, and also a viewer of a lot of TV and movies). How long it takes to bleed out after having one’s jugular vein sliced, same thing about the carotid artery, and the femoral artery. Also wondered about the effects of the whole throat-slicing thing you see done in the movies. Also looked up a few different poisons, other than arsenic. Looked up symptoms for carbon monoxide poisoning, and approximate length of time for causing death, assuming it was a pretty bad “leak.” Maybe they aren’t weird things, but I bet I’ve been flagged by the FBI a few times, if I wasn’t already. Oh, another thing I looked up, before knowing anything at all about “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”: pukwudgies (they are not the nice creatures J.K. Rowling seems to have made them into).eeyore9875

I drew a picture of a character wearing a snood before I even knew what a snood was called–so I had to do an online search for a description, and look at the images that came up, in order to find out what the heck to call it.Spiny One

I don’t think researching kidnapping tactics is particularly weird for authors, but it did raise some awkward questions with my parents when my brother found the family computer’s search history full of questions about panel vans and amber alerts. I was ten at the time.rosemary and thyme


Native American armpit hair

Or nudity in catholic doctrine.Justin Fair

4 thoughts on “I Promise I’m Not Trying to Rob a Bank, I Just Need To Know [Blank] || Weird Things Writers Research in the Name of Accuracy, Part 2

    1. Considering I’m only at 8k, that might be somewhat of a struggle, but I’m going to see if I can turbo write this weekend and catch up. SO THANKS, I’LL TRY.


  1. Omg I laughed so hard at this post. It’s so true though! There are some topics that I’ve gone . . .ehhh maybe I can find another way to kill someone so as to avoid googling it. I’m sure a secret police force would turn up at my door and whisk me away. I spent about half an hour yesterday studying the anatomy of a peacock feather, though. #FridayNightSpentWell. And I’m also 10,000 words behind so eeeep! *runs back to desk*


    1. I know. I once had to research disembowlment (apparently it was a pretty standard medival murder method???), but I really, really didn’t want to Google it (mostly because I didn’t want to find anything on Google images), but also because I figured it was probably something that would look pretty dang suspicious in my search history.

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