My Second Blogiversary! || In Which I Use the Word “Awesome” Way Too Much || General awesomeness and also a giveaway


I can’t believe it, but Writing on a Vintage Typewriter is TWO YEARS OLD. I’ve been blogging on this blog for two years. And considering my previous blogs have crashed and burned spectacularly before they even hit the one year mark, this is pretty amazing.

(I must really love books).

And I’ve got a few fun things planned for this oh-so-spectacular day, but first things first:


I would not be the blogger I was today without all of you amazing, wonderful, bookish, nice people. I adore all of you, but I have a couple of specific people I want to thank:

Ellie: Critique partner extraordinaire || Kat: Fellow whovian and all around awesome person! || Cait: You’re probably the first fellow book blogger I met, and somehow I haven’t scared you off yet || Skye, Zoe, Ashley, and Vendija for being super awesome commenters || And to everyone who’s ever liked, commented, or followed on my blog; you’ve supported me and encouraged me, so THANK YOU. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU ALL.


2016 has been a pretty crappy year for a lot of reasons, but it has also been a pretty good year for a lot of reasons, too (living oxymoron, I know). And while I’m not going to be getting into the big, awesome things that people have done for other people, more the smaller, more personal things that happened, those were pretty awesome things, too.

  • I graduated high school, and got to start pastry school, which has been my dream since I was really little!
  • I got to go to Emerald City Comicon for the first time, which was amazing and fun and I’ll be there again this year, so maybe I’ll get to meet some of you?
  • I visited the Teen Wolf set again, this time with real living people in it, and also I didn’t fall down the McCall’s stairs like last time.
  • I got to go to YallWest, and it was super cool to be in a place surrounded by other rabid bookworms.
  • I spent an two hours in a car with a goat. (I’m being totally serious. I have pictures to prove it.). It makes for a great story now.
  • I’m apparently an awesome reviewer (#modest), because I won an award through my library for a review of This Savage Song! The prize? A stack of books!
  • I got to spend an entire week at a camp made specifically for writers! It was amazing and fun and somewhat exhausting, and totally worth it!
  • I discovered the greatness that is bookstagram.
  • And, finally, Staples replied to one of my Tweets…and I still am finding it way funnier than I should be.



Because it gives me a creative outlet. You know those times when you’re just itching to do something creative but have no idea what to do? While, blogging is extremely creative! I mean, think of all the crazy posts we’ve written and read this past year!


I get to talk about books and people are actually interested! If you’re like me, you can only talk about books so much before your family starts zoning out on you. But with book blogging…the whole point is to talk about books, and that’s amazing!


I find out about new books pretty much daily! My TBR is screaming under the weight of all the things I need to read, but I dunno about you, but I kind of like it that way!


Somewhat connected to reason three, but I’ve discovered some of my very favorite books/authors through blogging! People like Marissa Meyer, Patrick Ness, and Victoria Schwab, and books like Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, The Accident Season, Wolf by Wolf…the list goes on and on!


The community! Book bloggers are some of the nicest people on the internet, and the most welcoming! Like, maybe 1% of this community is mean, which means that 99% of you are awesome!


Perhaps you’ve stumbled across my small corner of the internet, maybe you kind of know who I am, but not really, or maybe you’ve been around these entire two years and know exactly who I am, and this is not new information! But I thought I’d sum up pretty quickly who I am, because I am the face (fingers that type?) of this blog, and therefor I am the queen here. (Kidding! Mostly.)

  • My name is Aine. It’s pronounced “Awn-yuh.” However, I’ve never met anyone who’s pronounced it correctly when reading it on the first try, so I’ll often just answer to anything that sounds remotely like Aine.
  • Aine was the queen of the faeries in Irish legend, and my middle name means crest of the wave in Hawaiian, so my parents basically named me Queen of the Top of the Wave.
  • Once upon a time, tiny little me bought a powder blue typewriter at a garage sale. I wrote on this until it ran out of ink; about eight months. Hence, the name of my blog.
  • Despite what it may seem like while I’m on the internet, I’m a socially anxious introvert of a human being. Which means that I think the way I talk on here, but no one ever hears it.
  • I’m a speed reader, which means that when I actually have time to, I can plow through a book a day.
  • I’m allergic to latex and jalapenos. Which is a somewhat odd combination of things, but whatever.
  • I really hate the heat, which is somewhat ironic, considering I’m Hawaiian and all.
  • I’m a writer, and want to one day publish one of my novels!
  • I’m a proud fangirl, and am in many fandoms, but my most prominent ones are Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel, and Teen Wolf.
  • I love tea, like all tea. Except earl gray. And I’ll drink coffee but only if it has more cream and sugar in it than actual coffee.


The reason you stuck through my long, rambly post filled with too many awesomes! I’ve got two awesome (har har) giveaways happening, to celebrate my second blogiversery!



If you win this giveaway, you get

One HEARTLESS ARC, signed by the one and only Marissa Meyer herself!


On top of those two ARCS, you’ll also be getting some mystery items!

 (like possibly a mug. Or a tote bag. Y’know. fun things)

US only, because I don’t have the money to ship out of country. You have to be at least eighteen years of age or your parents permission to give me your name and address.



This one is open internationally! The winner with get one free Kindle ebook, of any YA debut that came out in 2016! Here’s a handy dandy list of the debuts that came out this year.

You must be eighteen years of age, or have your parent’s permission to give me your full name and email address.


And…that’s it! Have you guys tired of hearing me say “awesome” (AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME) yet? Have any of you guys celebrated a blogversary yet? If so, what did you do?

Happy Thursday!



10 thoughts on “My Second Blogiversary! || In Which I Use the Word “Awesome” Way Too Much || General awesomeness and also a giveaway

  1. AHHH! Happy blogoversery! I absolutely love you and your blog – your posts and reviews are always so fantastic and well-written. ❤ Here's to many more years of blogging!

    PS Thank you for the mention – you made my day! xxx


  2. OMG HAPPY BLOGVERSARY AINE!!! (And also I have not been pronouncing your name right and I’M SORRY. *sends cake of apology*) But afjdkslad I love your blog and you’re such a fantastic and friendly blogger. ❤ And every time you talk about your writing, I just flail because your writing sounds AMAZING and you are intensely talented, my friend. ALSO YOU SCARE ME OFF??! haha. I’m surprised I haven’t scared you!! 😂 Anyway. Happy blogversary! I absolutely loved all the awesome in this post and hope you blog FOREVER AND EVER because you are amazing!!


    1. No, it’s totally fine! Even some of my family members don’t pronounce it right if they’re reading it xD (out of curiousity, how did you pronounce it)
      Thank you for all of everything else you said!


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