Write On || What I Wrote This Year & What I Plan To Write Next ||


2016 has been a somewhat crappy writing year. Meaning, I didn’t get a whole lot done. I could come up with ten million excuses why I didn’t get a whole lot done, but, honestly, I feel like even the busiest people still manage to write, and mostly the reason I didn’t write was procrastination and lack of decent planning before launching headfirst into a novel.

I really need to start outlining.

But, I did write some, and I have a few ideas for other things, so hopefully 2017 will be a really awesome writing year for me.

I’m going to start with what I did write.


  • A combined 44,989 words with both sessions of Camp NaNoWriMo. One set of words on The Mockingbird & The Hurricane, which is currently on the backburner, and one on Millie & Moon, which has sense been abandoned.
  • Two short stories, one at 5k words and one at about 7k, the 5k one currently in edits to be entered in a contest.
  • A notebook full of random snippets of stories, short stories, my own weird way of writing poetry, and one or two maps of places that don’t exist outside my novels.

So, like I said, not a whole lot. But, like I also said, I have about ten million ideas for what I’m going to write next.


  • Idea #1: The Sea, The Sun, The Stars. A sort-of Robin Hood retelling but with pirates. Exasperated teen pirate captain Robyn, second-mate pansexual siren Helena, and a whole cast of characters who get up to shanagins. [Pinterest Board]
  • Idea #2: Tenatively titled The Princess Prophecy: Yet-to-be-named MC is named the future princess of the modern kingdom, is less then thrilled because she can’t even walk down the sidewalk without being followed by at least ten squirrels. Stepmother tries to poison her, so she moves in with her best friend and his six roommates. Also, all the forest animals flock to her and it’s super embaressing to have a freaking moose follow you into a grocery store, because A) it’s a moose, and B) moose don’t even live around here.
  • Idea #3: In the future/on another planet, a girl gets an AI implanted in her head and becomes some mix of computer and human. Accidently stumbles into a massive crime ring/black market, and is enlisted by the government to help shut it down, which is somewhat difficult because she barely acts human.
  • Idea #4: Werewolf dog fights. Werewolves are viewed as less than human because they spent part of their time as an animal, and while most people keep them as pets, there’s an underground ring that uses them for dog fights. The winners get luxuries- actual rooms, clothing, good food, while the losers stay down in cages and are horribly mistreated. There’s downsides to both. Focuses on Arrow, a winner, and Sable, a loser.
  • Idea #5: A bakery run by magical creatures; witch bakers, fairy baristas and a totally human teenager who has no idea how they managed to get hired.
  • Idea #6: Some idiot who’s clearly never seen Jurassic Park decides to genetically modify reptiles into dragons for zoos. Naturally, dragons have a near-human intelligence and break free and now the world is a state of mass panic. A boy finds a dragon egg and decides to raise the dragon, while attempting to make sure no one finds out and kills it.
  • Idea #7: Fantasy world where there are sky kingdoms and earth kingdoms. A princess from a ground kingdom and a prince from a sky kingdom are forced into an arranged marriage to try and prevent a war. Neither are thrilled, the war still seems likely, and the cultures are massively different which causes some problems.
  • Idea #8: A dystopian where due to plague, about 95% of the population is infertle. As soon as you turn eighteen, you’re required to either marry and have kids, or go to a specialized hospital where you’re artificially inseminated. A nurse finds out that actually, the problem isn’t caused by the plague, but by the supplement pills that most people are required to take, so that the government can choose who can have kids, in an attempt to weed out weak genes.

And…those are my ten million ideas. Blogglings, what have you written this year? Were you super productive (unlike me?) or not really (like me)? Which of my ideas do you think I should write first?

Happy Wednesday,



10 thoughts on “Write On || What I Wrote This Year & What I Plan To Write Next ||

  1. I think I was semi-productive! I wrote about 95% of a first draft for an apocalyptic sci-fi called RESET, and then dropped it. (This was during Camp NaNo in April, in which I wrote over 50k!!!!) And then I wrote a short story called The Hunt (which was awful, and around 5k), a novellette called Gretel (which I actually like… [25k-ish) and I delved straight into a different novel–leaving RESET to die in my computer files–called everlost, which I am TOTALLY excited about!!! This is the book that I am currently working on, and I’m about 85% of the way through??? I don’t know, but it’s really fun to write, and I’m enjoying myself!

    I guess what I’ve written really isn’t ALL that much, but considering it’s the most I’ve written in like, ever, I’m going to count it as a great start to my writing career!

    Oh! And I also started my blog… Not sure if that counts???

    And your story ideas sound awesome! I especially like the magical creature bakery… *silently rooting for you to write that one*


  2. Ehh… I was sort of productive, I guess. I got partway through the first draft of a novel and did some worldbuilding in that world. I also wrote some poetry.

    #2, #4, #5, #7, and #8 all sound either interesting, fun, or both. (I know that that’s over half of the ideas you listed, but still.) The sky and earth cultures in #7 sound like they would be sooo much fun to develop!


  3. I absolutely love the first idea! GIVE ME ALL THE PIRATES.

    Speaking of pirates….this year, I’ve been working on my steampunk pirates + fairyland rogues novella, and I should have the rough draft finished (and ready for you!) on Saturday. I’ve also overhauled my fantasy series, which I’ll probably plunge headlong into come New Year, and half-finished a heaven vs. hell novella (temporarily on hiatus).

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


  4. So this will probably come as a shock but….I REALLY LOVE THE MAGICAL BAKERY IDEA THE BEST!! Because cake. And I’ve only read one magical bakery story before and it was hugely disappointing so I NEED A GOOD ONE AND I NOMINATE YOU TO WRITE IT FOR ME. #niceCait Also the werewolf idea seems so glorious.šŸ˜šŸ˜
    And hey not all years are good writing years, right?! I did have a good writing year, but 2015 was like a bomb explosion for me. UGH. And I’m hoping 2017 will be good because I have sooooo many ideas to draft up it’s just ridiculous.šŸ˜œ


  5. !!!!!! ALL OF THESE IDEAS ARE AMAZING! Like, holy cow, I would buy these books in a second! They all are so creative and sound so fun!

    I’ve had a pretty subpar writing year, as well. All my creativity just feels all stopped up. I think it’s mostly because I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t really been writing consistently. I have an idea right now that I’m pretty excited about but, like you, I need to actually outline. So I’m going to try to do that before really diving into the story!


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