Amazing Shelfies That Will Make You Want To Rearrange Your Shelves (Again)


I’ve finally thrown myself headfirst into bookstagram, which has shown me one thing: my bookshelves are not pretty. Not compared to the other bookstagrammer’s shelves, anyways. Which means that every other day I’m staring at my bookshelves and considering rearranging them for the forth time since I’ve gotten them; six months ago.

I have decided I’m going to share some of these shelfies because I want others to feel the urge to rearrange their shelves, too.

Also I kind of need a filler post because I’m exhausted and this seemed easy.

Shelfie By: @thepaige_turner

Her shelves are the perfect mix of cluttered and clean.

Shelfie by: @twirlingpages

Her shelves are so pretty. Rainbow with twinkling fairy lights and fits in perfectly with the rest of her aesthetic.

#janbookstagram [a spinoff series] #rfabjan17 [bookish squad] There is a 5000% chance that, if I'm obsessed with a series, I'm going to want a spinoff. I'm featuring two series today that WILL have spinoffs. Soon, precious, sooooooooon. The #RedRising spinoff starts this year (although the cover is about as exciting as face planting in a vanilla pancake) and there's a #TheRavenCycle spinoff cooooooming soon. And it'll be Ronan centric! BE STILL MY BEATING HEART. RONAN IS MY FAVOURITE OF THE EVER. EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO OUT OF MY MIND. And yes Ronan & Co are my squad. Or Darrow and Sevro. Both options???? They can have shared squad custody of me. β€’ QOTD: Do you have a favourite spinoff series?!! β€’ #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #books #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading #booknerd #booknerdigans #booksofinstagram #coverlove #squadoals #showmesomeshelves #thedreamthieves #piercebrown #maggiestiefvater

A post shared by CG Drews (@paperfury) on

Shelfie by: @paperfury

CaitΒ has the ultimate bookshelf. Cluttered and full of books and organized by color and you see them and it makes you drool.

Shelfie by: @thereaderbee

Her bookshelves are cram-packed and neat and so pretty! And they’re in the background of all her pictures, so that tells you how awesome they are.

Strep free! We think, anyway. Thank goodness! I tested negative for it but he said it may still be possible because sometimes it tests wrong? But it could also be a bad sinus infection?? I guess we don't really know??? (See this is why I never go to the doctor πŸ˜‚) The only thing I really learned from the visit is that my lymph nodes are swollen. He gave me some amoxicillin and sent me on my way so hopefully it helps! I think it's probably sinuses doubled with a cold because I have sinus issues anyway and Veronica Roth was sick when I met her (I guess if there's anyone you want to get you sick it's a famous author, yeah? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) And honestly I think the only reason I'm sick at all is because I've run myself into the ground lately trying to do to much and not getting enough sleep. The last time I was sick was like 4-5 years ago when I worked a full month straight with no days off and didn't sleep enough. Guess I need to rest more πŸ˜… THAT BEING SAID. Because I am under the weather and feel/sound like crap I'm afraid the live library tour is going to have to wait until next weekend. I'm sorry guys! I know many of you were looking forward to it as much as I was! But it WILL happen I promise! (Also that was really long, if you made it this far you get a cookie πŸͺ)

A post shared by Jessi β€’ 29 β€’ Ohio πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@novelheartbeat) on

Shelfie by: @novelheartbeat

Her shelves are awesome! They just look so clean and simple and pretty.

Shelfie by: @theloonytuney

I love her shelves and how she organized them. It kind of makes me want to do the same thing, except I don’t have enough books in those colors.

Shelfie by: @tillyandherbooks

Look. At. Those. Shelves. Don’t they just seem to stare at you and say “you want to own me”?

Shelfie by: @myriadinklings

Her shelves are colorful and cluttered and amazing.

Shelfie by: @foldedpagesdistillery

Her shelves are cluttered and full and hosts many fun bookish things (see the Cabeswater license plate?!)

Shelfie by: @vintagetypewriters

How did that get here? πŸ™‚

Who posts your favorite shelfies, blogglings? Do you like your bookshelves, or are you like me and constantly wanting to rearrange? How are you bookshelves organized?

Happy Monday,



11 thoughts on “Amazing Shelfies That Will Make You Want To Rearrange Your Shelves (Again)

  1. I HAVE SUCH SHELFIE ADMIRATION AND ENVY NOW. 😍😍😍 How are these all so awesome omg. And I just love how everyone can have such gorgeous bookshelves but yet they look so different. I loooove Jessi’s. And I LOVE YOURS TOO! We have really similar shelves actually right?!? *hi fives*


    1. That’s how I used to organize my shelves, too; just shove books where they fit and by what author they were from, then I realized I’d actually be taking pictures of my bookshelf and I’d have to rearrange them.


  2. Oh my word… All the beautiful shelves… I am currently undergoing a bookshelf project, although I’m not sure how long it will take me to complete it, but hey! It’s an adventure, right?Eventually, though, I’m going to have beautiful bookshelves!!!! Someday…


      1. Haha, my problem is the fact that I currently don’t have any bookshelves, haha! I’ve got one in the works, but it’s currently under construction, and I can’t use it quite yet. But I’m really excited to be able to use it eventually!!


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