Podcasts to Listen To When You’re Not Reading Books

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Maybe you’re one of those lucky people who doesn’t have a massive TBR at all times. Maybe you’re ignoring your massive TBR. Maybe you just don’t feel like reading. Which is fine! It happens to all of us.

This is when I tend to turn to podcasts. They’re basically audiobooks, but released one episode at a time, like a TV show, which is great for people with A) shorter attention spans, and B) find the idea of starting a 22-hour audiobook daunting.

Welcome to Night Vale is probably the best known fictional podcast, at least around YA readers, and while I personally don’t really enjoy it, I know a lot of people do. But maybe you’re like me and don’t enjoy it as much as most people, or maybe you’re looking for something else to listen to between episodes. So, I come to help!


Limetown: Sci-fi/Mystery

I’d actually never heard of this podcast until a friend recommended it to me, and I listened to all six episodes within a week. It’s about a journalist for the American Public Radio, investigating the mysterious disapearances of 300+ people at a research facility in Limetown, Tennessee.


Alice Isn’t Dead: Mystery/Paranormal

This is by the people who do Welcome to Night Vale, so it has a similar sort of feel to it. It’s about a trucker who searches for her wife, who she’s assumed has been dead for years. This podcast walks the line between urban fantasy, magical realism and paranormal genres.


Our Fair City: Post-Apocalyptic

This is is part comedy, part drama. It’s about a far-off (or possibly not-so-far-off) future where pretty much the entire world is run by one, rather corrupt company.


The Black Tapes: Paranormal/Horror

It’s about a ghost hunter who doesn’t believe in ghosts, a newly inspired paranormal investigator, investing the paranormal. It has a very X-Files vibe to it, and it gets steadily creepier as it goes on.

download (1).png

The Bright Sessions: Sci-Fi

A podcast about a therapist for people with superhuman abilities. I’d be hesitant to call it a comedy, exactly, but it’s more lighthearted then some of the others on this list.


Alba Salix, Royal Physician: Fantasy/Comedy

A podcast about…well, the royal physician, an ex-monk turned surgeon, an a herbalist who happens to be a fairy. It’s a dry humor, too, which I very much appreciate.


The Once and Future Nerd: Comedy/Fantasy

Imagine if a group of Dungeons and Dragons players suddenly found themselves in a fantasy world. And that is basically the plot of this podcast.


The Message: Sci-fi

A famous linguist is tasked with attempting to translate what is assumed to be a message from an extraterrestrial.

Blogglings, what are your favorite fictional podcasts? Any of the ones on this list? If you’re not huge on the fictional podcast front, what are your favorite non-fiction ones? (I’m partial to cooking podcasts, myself).

Happy Sunday,






6 thoughts on “Podcasts to Listen To When You’re Not Reading Books

  1. Ohh this sounds so good! I’ve never realized before that people do this kind of thing…which is stupid because of course they do, and it sounds so cool! I love the idea of a Tv show but in audio book format!
    I may check some of these out! Great post!
    -Sam. X


  2. I’ve honestly never listened to a Podcast.😂 I just haven’t really thought about them or worked them into my schedule?? I love audiobooks and 22 hours doesn’t even daunt me after I listened to A Dance with Dragons at 42 hours haha.😂 (Actually okay that was seriously daunting…) But I have been curious about Welcome to the Night Vale. I miiiight check it out one day although I have no idea where to go. Youtube??


    1. Iphones have the Podcast app, and you can download them off of iTunes, too. Most of the websites for the podcasts also tell you the ways you can listen to them. 🙂


  3. I feel like you might really like a podcast that I know fans of fantasy really enjoy, called “Hello from the Magic Tavern”! It basically follows this guy, who fell through a magical portal behind a Burger King into a fantasy realm, and he hosts a podcast every week with various people he meets there to broadcast back to his home. I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes, but it’s pretty funny!


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