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I know, I know, this is a day later than it was supposed to be. But, I actually have a good excuse this time instead of the typical I was just vastly unmotivated. My dog had to have a pretty major surgery yesterday. He’s fine, yes, but it’s still stressful, especially because the vets were telling us that he’s old enough that he might die while being put under, even if there were no complications, which was scary. He’s fine, and he’ll be fine (he’ll just have three legs, now), but it was still a scary thought, especially since we’ve had him since I was five.

But he’s totally fine, no complications from the surgery, just feeling VASTLY unmotivated to do anything because of all the pain meds he’s on. I’ll post a couple of pictures of him on my instagram story later, although he’s not the post…photogenic of creatures right now.

But anyways! Onwards with the post and my handy dandy schedule.


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We’ve all been told it so many times. The number one way to grow your blog is to comment on other people’s posts, because that way you’ll make friends and meet people and everything will be great and easy and perfect.

Except it doesn’t always work like that. Commenting on someone else’s blog can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’ve never commented on anything of their’s before. It’s kind of like meeting some for the first time and scrambling to find something to say that doesn’t sound utterly stupid. WHICH IS A TOTALLY LEGIT FEAR TO HAVE, EVEN ON THE INTERNET.

So here are a couple of guidelines to follow. And yes, even then, it will probably feel awkward. But it will hopefully feel less awkward.


  • My rule of thumb is at least four sentences. It’s not like commenting on an instagram photo or a Tweet, which are typically only a sentence or two; this is like having an actual conversation, and one sentence doesn’t convey that.
  • It’s fine to link back to your own blog at the end of the comment- a lot of people do. BUT, make sure you say something meaningful about the post before you do. “Great post! Here’s my blog link” has the same feeling as “great photo! f4f?” does. It implies you’re only commenting so that they read your blog in return.
  • Make sure you’re adding something relevant to the conversation. Don’t go on a blog post about…say…writing book reviews and talk about how much you hate it when you get crazy spam comments, unless it has something to do with the post. Believe me, I’ve gotten some crazy comments that have nothing to do with my post, and that’s always frustrating to figure out what to do with them.
  • If you disagree with what the person is saying in the post, be careful with how you word your disagreement. There are some bloggers who won’t get in arguments with people no matter how hard someone may try to get in a rise out of them. There are some who get in fierce agruments in their comments.
  • Relating to that, keep in mind that since you can’t see facial expressions over the internet, sarcasm can come across as being mean.


  • It’s always nice if you add a compliment on a well-written post. Tell the writer specifically what you liked about it. Often times they’ll file away what people like to see for later posts.
  • For Β me, it’s always nice to see people call me by name. It’s an extra thing, and I know sometimes it’s not always possible, but it gives the feeling that this person has actually taken the time to learn your name. Especially if the only way you know someone’s name is a quick signature at the end of a post.

So blogglings, what are your etiquette rules for commenting on someone else’s blog? Did I miss anything? Anything that you think should be taken out? TELL ME ALL YOUR THOUGHTS.

Happy Saturday,



12 thoughts on “Bookstagram Etiquette | How to Be Awesome at Commenting

  1. Great post! Here is a link to my blog: … jk! Seriously though this is a really important thing to think about as a blogger. Comments are my favorite way of showing my support and making sure they relate to the content, are meaningful, and positive is a must for me. Comment etiquette is something everyone should think about, especially because we all put so much effort into our work. I haven’t gotten too many crazy comments yet, but this leaves something to ponder.

    Now even though I’ve followed you before this was ever a thing… F4F? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š <— I'm sorry just having a bit too much fun commenting on this post!


  2. Yes, commenting on other people’s blogs definitely can grow your own, but is definitely anxiety-inducing! I think one of my personal rules is just don’t force myself to commen if I have nothing to say! As a newer blogger, I felt like I had to comment on every single post, even if I didn’t care too much about the subject, but now I’m more lax about it.


  3. I am seriously loving this series! Commenting is a little difficult for me sometimes, because usually I end up saying things like “OH MY WORD THIS WAS AMAZING!” or “THIS POST IS SO AWESOME!!!” or something extremely similar, even though I truly mean it??? Still, I think sometimes people might think I say the same things all the time, so my vocabulary is starting to get a little wacky now, lol!

    And I am SO petrified of coming across as rude when I use sarcasm! That is why I tend to use lots of laughing emojis if I’m being sarcastic. That way they know that I’M NOT MEAN I’M JUST A SARCASTIC BEAN I’M SORRY!!!!


  4. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about people mentioning my name in comments… maybe it’s because I’m a recent college grad, and I’m reminded of things like class feedback, where mentions-by-name are usually a precursor to the kind of attention I’m just not good at coping with. Or maybe it feels like a bit of a call out, like someone’s trying to take me to task for something? Anyways, it was just something that had never occurred to me… until I saw your name! Aine is a beautiful name; no wonder you’re so happy to see it in comments, because I’m sure people are happy to say it! πŸ™‚


    1. That makes sense, though-especially if your name is typically used to single you out. I tend to fly under the radar, so I guess that’s why people using my name in the comments helps everything feel more personal. And thank you!


  5. I like it when people leave comments with other “like” books. If I get suggestions for a similar title, I’m all about it. And I think my readers are too.


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