Blog Revamp & And a Get To Know Me (Just in Case You Have Forgotten Who I Am)


That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you: it is I, Aine, arisen from the dead/land of 5AM wake-up times/homework and am back to my blog. This time, however, I’m coming from the land of scheduling and actually writing posts a few days in advance instead of panicking the night before the posts are supposed to go up. Seriously. I printed up a calendar and have color-coded stuff and everything. Plus I’m making sure that posts are going up on days that I’m working, so I can write them on the days I’m not working, which I’m sure will help a lot.

But, I’m also making a couple of changes to the content of this blog. And don’t worry, it’s still primarily a book blog, but now that I have a schedule, I have a schedule of specific posts going up on specific days.


Tuesday: Book post, anything from a review to one of my rambly “okay but why do books do this?” posts.

Thursday: Food or writing post. Because, as much as I love books, I also love food, and I also love writing. So this could be a day where I post updates about how my novel is coming, post one of my bookish recipes, review a cookbook, or just generally yell about how I cannot make a perfect macaron to save my life.

Sunday: This is actually the thing I’m most excited about. I haven’t really talked about it on social media, but earlier this year I made a goal to visit one bakery every week. And, because I’m me, I always have a book with me. And so, every Sunday, you’ll be greeted with me talking about a bakery, what I got at that bakery, and the mini review of the book I read at that bakery.

You’ll probably be hearing a lot about General Porpoise and Crumble & Flake, just a forewarning. And be getting a lot of pictures of smoked paprika and cheddar croissants, because oh my god the deliciousness.

Anyways, I have a schedule now. And schedules work really well for me, so I don’t know why I haven’t created a blogging schedule before now, honestly.

And now, in case you’ve forgotten who I am thanks to my many and long unscheduled hiatuses while I basically ran myself into the ground thanks to school and a couple of other things, I have a list of 25 Hopefully Interesting Things About Me, Aine, because you all clearly want to know more about me.


This is my face. Ignore the crappy lighting of my bedroom.


  1. My name is Aine Ke’ale. “Aine”  is pronounced “awn-yuh”, and the Americanized way of saying “Ke’ale” is kay-all-A. I have no idea how to write out the traditional way of saying it phonetically.
  2. I write things. Sometimes novels. A lot of fan fiction. Also this here blog.
  3. I’m currently in pastry school, and once I graduate from this program, I want to go to another school and get a degree in either creative or screen writing. Just, y’know, to cover the bases.
  4. About half the people at school call me “Future Evil Queen” after I said a few too many April Ludgate quotes to people who don’t watch Parks and Rec. Also, a friend and I dramatically reinacted Loki’s “you were made to be ruled” speech to piss off another friend who’s been complaining about how much his girlfriend loves Tom Hiddleston, so that might be a part of it.
  5. The other half call me Angel Aine. I have no idea why. I think Brian started it to apologize for hitting me in the head with a sheetpan and to thank me for not getting mad at him.
  6. Earl Gray tea is garbage tea. I will and have fought people about this.
  7. I like my boys like I like my coffee. I don’t.
  8. You know those people who can hear, like, a paragraph in another language and speak it fluently? Yeah, I’m not one of those people. Took four years of Spanish and I can say like four colors and milk, and I can have a conversation with you in French as long as it only consists of kitchen terms. Also, I can say hello, ocean, turtle, and thank you in Native Hawaiian. But that’s about it.
  9. I collect mugs. Someone needs to take Redbubble  and Society6 away from me because it’s becoming a problem.
  10. It’s extremely ironic considering the fact that I’m Native Hawaiian, but I hate the heat, I hate humidity, and I would happily live in jean and hoodie weather year ’round.
  11. I currently work for a woman who makes pies for farmer’s markets, and I’m getting really, really sick of pie dough. Like, really sick of it. There’s a reason I want to go into the decorative aspect of the business, because there’s only so many ways to decorate a pie.
  12. Despite me declaring my love for a lot of things, I only really exist in one fandom, because, honestly, I find fandom culture kind of toxic. Plus, the fandom I’m in is made up almost entirely of queer girls and women, which is amazing and exactly the community I needed when I found it.
  13. But the book blogging community is amazing, too, because it’s one of the first places I’ve existed online that made me feel welcome and let me talk about all of the things I loved, because everyone else loved the same things.
  14. Thanks to what my therapist refers to as “childhood trauma” (involving a little baby me and a Darth Maul cosplayer), any costume that involved someone covering their face would give me full on hyperventilating, full-on sobbing panic attacks. Not just scary Halloween costumes, either. I’m talking sports mascots, clowns, the Easter Bunny, ect. Then I started watching horror movies at about fourteen, and that fear has since passed. Although you still wouldn’t be able to get me to step foot in a haunted house to save your life.
  15. I’ve had a pet hedgehog, who lived to an absolutely ancient age (five), a bearded dragon, and currently, a three-legged dog.
  16. I want a cat or a bigger dog, but I’m probably not going to get another pet until I move out.
  17. You can get me to read or watch even the craziest of things by telling me it has a f/f relationship in it.
  18. I have been blessed with two different types of anxiety: both social and generalized, which basically means my brain keeps on running until I’m literally too exhausted to keep going and I’ll crash. The way I describe this happening it like coming down from a caffeine high, but worse because you’re literally so exhausted that you feel like crying, but unlike coming down from a caffeine high, there isn’t really anything to do to make you come back up other than either sleep or being left alone.
  19. I also get chronic migraines, and I got dealt the unlucky hand, because all the women in my family either started getting migraines at puberty, or if they had them since they were little, once they went through puberty they went away, but I’ve been getting them since I was two or three, and I’m eighteen and still get them, so I just have to deal with them.
  20. One of the biggest factors in helping me realize that I’m gay is Kate Mckinnon as Holtzmann in Ghostbusters. Also, Kristen Wiig in Whip it, and, yes, Scully in the X-Files.
  21. I’m a born and raised Seattleite, but much to the horror of literally everyone I meet, I don’t like seafood, dark coffee, or beer.
  22. Seriously, why would anyone drink anything alcohol? It’s disgusting. Admittedly, I have only done the sip or two at funerals or weddings, and the occasional spoonful of whiskey mousse or sabayon at school, but still. Ew.
  23. I do however have the very Seattleite loves of ridiculously fancy dark chocolate, ice cream, ginger beer, and doughnuts.
  24. When I say I love ice cream, I mean I absolutely adore ice cream. My family likes to tell this story about how one year I vanished the day after Christmas (in thirty degree weather) and came back half an hour later with gelato and a book, and I think that sums up my priorities nicely.
  25. My bookshelf is my one true love.

So, blogglings, here I am, back, new and (hopefully) improved. Tell me, what has been happening since I’ve been away? Did I miss anything exciting? How’ve your lives been?

Happy Tuesday,


8 thoughts on “Blog Revamp & And a Get To Know Me (Just in Case You Have Forgotten Who I Am)

  1. Your new schedule sounds absolutely fantastic and I loved reading those facts about you. Some things I knew, but I still feel like I learned so much about you! I bet you can’t top my great uncle’s christmas mug collection though. It takes up entire rooms! He’s super dedicated.


      1. It’s really difficult to bring him a mug he doesn’t already possess, but I think he stopped collecting them now. He has problems travelling and he mostly got his mugs from christmas markets all over the place. Also, his wife doesn’t appreciate how much room it takes up hahaha


  2. Yayyy I’m SO glad you’re back because I really love your blog and how you write. ❤️ And I’m SUPER psyched over your new schedule! Particularly the bakery visits. Like yes please and yum.

    Also I loved your list! HEDGEHOG AND DRAGONS. You are living the life I aspire to. :’)


    1. I mean, they’re BAKERIES. And one of my new career possibilities (If I decide to go for an English major after I graduate culinary school) is being a food writer so I might as well get practice in, shouldn’t I?


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