My name is Aine, and I own a vintage typewriter.


Here are five things you should know about me:

1) I like making lists. It’s a weird, calming thing to me.

2) I tend to be a bit scatterbrained. This is because I am often thinking of three or four things at once.

3) My name is Celtic and pronounced “awn-ya”. Most people pronounce it “Ain”, as in rain without the R, or “ainy”. Honestly, I’m extremely used to this, and so if you call me Ain or Ainy I will probably still answer to it.

4) I write quite often, however, I rarely actually finish what I write because I barely plot before I start writing. This is a problem, since I want to be a published author (or at least be agented) before I’m twenty.

5) I bake. I’m starting pastry school Fall of 2016, and I talk about this extremely often. Because I am very excited.

Because this is a book blog, I should probably talk about books as well.


Maggie Stiefvater || Marissa Meyer || Patrick Ness || Sarah J. Maas || Rainbow Rowell || Victoria Schwab || Laini Taylor || Noelle Stevenson || Rick Riordan || Ernest Cline || A.G. Howard || Holly Black || Becky Albertalli || J.K. Rowling || Moira Fowley-Doyle ||


The Accident Season || Half Bad || Wolf By Wolf || The Help || Ink and Bone || Magonia || Made You Up || Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda || Not a Drop to Drink || Furiously Happy || All The Rage || Life in Outer Space || A Study in Charlotte || Emmy & Oliver


Elliott Bay Book Co. | Seattle, WA

University Bookstore | Seattle, WA

Third Place Books | Lake Forest, WA

Powell’s | Portland, OR

The Last Bookstore | Los Angeles, CA

As well as these things, I also like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Marvel Comics, MCU, macarons, fuzzy blankets, coffee with more cream and sugar in it than actual coffee, my converse, hoodies, pictures of pretty books, the internet, Canadian candy bars, stationary, sleeping bags, our giant red umbrella, and grocery stores where you can buy ingredients that you probably will never use but are really cool anyways.

It’s nice to meet you.


26 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi ‘Awn-ya’ I so enjoyed all of your reviews. I especially liked your mention of wanting to be a writer but not finishing stories because of lack of plot prep. You are not alone in this. Many writers struggle with plot development. They get the gist of an idea, the characters and then….? I eventually became a plotter…big time. So plotting and fleshing out the story is work…and thinking and rethinking, and rewriting and rewriting, but the end result is a book. Do the homework and you’ll find yourself a published author! :o)


    1. Honestly, my problem isn’t really lack of plot. I have ten tons of plot in my head, and I don’t really need to write it down on paper. The problem is that I think a plot is really awesome and then I go to write it and something in my brain just goes “NOPE!”


  2. Hey Aine, I really like your name! 🙂 Your blog is so interesting and well-designed! I love to write as well. Except, I have the opposite problem that you have.. I plan way too much that I don’t leave room for imagination! Maybe we should do a half trade to equal things out a bit? 😛


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