Review Policy


I am currently accepting review requests from authors/publishers.

What I Will Accept:

-Young Adult novels, of any genre

-Middle Grade novels, of any genre

-Some New Adult novels, as long as it’s not crazy explicit.

-Physical copies & ebooks.

What I Will Not Accept:

-Adult fiction/erotica

-Non fiction


-Religious novels of any kind.

Preferred Genres:







However, even if your novel is not a genre on this list, still send me an email. I am just more likely to accept it if is one of these genres.

My Review Will Include:

-The cover, title, author, synopsis, a link to its Goodreads page, and anything else you would like me to include.

-I will give my honest opinion on the novel, and why I did or did not like it.

-A rating out of five stars. One star meaning that I could not finish, five stars meaning it’s basically the greatest book ever.

The Review Will Be Posted:

-My blog

-My Goodreads account

Contact Me:

-at either vintagetypewriterink (at) gmail (dot) com

-Or using this form.