Top Eight Reasons By Waterproof Books Need to be a Thing


Books are awesome. But they have one small problem; you can’t read them anywhere wet. Then the pages would get wet and when they get dry they’ll get all yellow and crinkly. WHICH IS HORRIBLE.

So, naturally, the answer is waterproof books.


You know those times where you just want to keep on reading but you have to get ready? It’s really too bad you can’t take your book into the shower with you. With a waterproof book, now you can!


Now, when you buy a book and it’s raining you, you don’t have to shove it up your coat and do the awkward hunched over run to protect the rain from getting on your book.


Maybe you go tubing on a river every summer! But it can get a bit boring, especially if it’s a very long river, but you can’t bring a book because A) you don’t have anywhere to put it, and B) if you accidently drop your book in your lab, you have a ruined, waterlogged book. And, to make matters worse, you can’t read a waterlogged book because the pages will rip.


You’d actually be able to wash the book if you accidently drop food on it. You’d be able to run it under the sink and wash it.


You’ll be able to read books in a pool! Maybe you’re not one for swimming, but you like to be in the water. So bring a book! And even if some kid splashes you, you won’t have a dripping book.


In the summer, you’ll be able to take your book to the beach. We’ve all experienced the frantic scramble up the beach because the tide came in really quickly (while we were dozing). AND once you’re done at the beach, you’ll be able to rinse the book to get the sand off.


Cookbooks tend to get a bit grimy. If they’re waterproof, you can just throw them in the dishwasher! No more bits of flour and sauce making the pages stick together.


And, finally, because a waterproof book would be the awesomest thing ever. So there.

So, do you guys agree with me? Would you buy waterproof books if they were available.

Happy Thursday,


12 thoughts on “Top Eight Reasons By Waterproof Books Need to be a Thing

  1. I do all sorts of awkward contortions to protect my poor books when I realize that it’s raining outside! I remember a while ago one of the publishers did a line of waterproof bookcovers of some YA books… I don’t think I made it up, haha. But I never understood the purpose because all of the pages can still get soaked??


    1. That’s how you tell who the bookworms are. They’re the ones rushing down the street with their coat wrapped around their book hunched over. Even when it isn’t raining that hard.
      Only the book covers? That is odd. It’s the pages that need the most protection.


    1. My bookshelf is next to my bed, and I used to keep a glass of water on it in case I got thirsty at night, but I kept knocking the glass over and it would have an eleven o’clock scramble in the dark to try and prevent water from getting on my books.


  2. YES I DEFINITELY AGREE!! Particularly with the grimy point? Like I’m terrified of eating and reading, even though those should be two things that combine admirably. But I don’t want to get any smudges or crumbs on books? Ergo, if they were waterproof I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WORRY AND LIFE WOULD BE GRAND. Also it’d be handy not to have to worry about rain. *nods* It always rains where I live and exiting the library is something of a mad dash and run and throwing the car doors open. SO. That would be solved too.
    Please make this, Aine. Not to rush you but…now would be nice? LIKE RIGHT NOW???


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