I have a bad case of #bookwormproblems

As bookworms, we have a slightly strange set of problems, and when we complain about them we tend to get weird looks. But that doesn’t make them any less horrible.

Problem #1: When this happens


Paperbacks fall apart too easily but I’m too poor for hardbacks. I want my books to look new for as long as possible, and when the cover bends and creases it doesn’t look new any more. It’s heartbreaking.

Problem #2: Even worse, when this happens


Horrible awful. Why do they use these? It’s like torture. You either leave the stick proclaiming the price on the cover and ruin the prettiness, or you get this, which is equally horrible. On a related note, does anyone know how to get this stuff off?

Problem #3: When you lend someone a book and get it back looking like this


Pages dog-earned and creased, marks where water and food was dropped on it, plus a dog has chewed on the cover. Quite frustrating, especially when it’s returned with just a smile and no apology.  AND when you take extra care to return the books in the exact shape you borrowed them in.

Problem #4: Small bags

No matter how big your suitcase/messenger bag/backpack, it’s never big enough for all the books you want to bring on vacation. We need Mary Poppin’s bag. Or the TARDIS. Either would be big enough. The TARDIS might just be a bit harder to take through airport security.

Problem #5: Shelving Space

I have had to pack up all the stuff on my shelves because my bookshelves are crammed so full of books that I’m worried that they’ll start to pop out.

Problem #6: When people see you with a book and feel chatty

What is it about reading a book that makes people want to talk to you? It should do the opposite. If I just have the book open on my lap and am watching the people, you can come and talk. But actively reading…that’s a different matter altogether.

Problem #7: Having a TBR list that is too long

My TBR list is easily over two hundred books…which means it’s too long to easily choose which one I want to read next. Or it gets too short, which means that I’m desperately trying to find more books to add.

Problem #8: Having a purse that weights eight million pounds

I always have at least one book with me, even if I know I most likely won’t need it. But that means that my purse gets pretty heavy, especially when I decide to jam my Kindle in there, too. But I will happily put up with sore shoulders for one of my books.

Problem #9: Being the only one who has read a certain book.

“I can’t wait to talk to you about this awesome book I just read!”

“Cool! What’s it called?”

“What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang.”

“…I’ve never heard of it…”


Problem #10: Finally, the worst of all, when this happens

“Hey, what’s your favorite book?”

“Oh, that’s hard. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater is really good.”

“Oh, I’ve read that! I hated that book. It was boring and all the characters were whiny and what was up with Sean and Corr?”

//fumes “Oh. Really.”

“Hey, why is your face turning so red? Are you all right?”

I could keep going, but ten seemed like a nice, even number to stop at, so here you are. Do you agree with some of these? Do you disagree? I must know this.

On another note, changes are coming soon to Writing On a Vintage Typewriter. I have decided that the title, while fitting a writing blog, doesn’t exactly fit a book blog. And, while I’m changing the name, I might as well change a few other things, too. So keep an eye out!

Happy Thursday,


11 thoughts on “I have a bad case of #bookwormproblems

  1. Oh my gosh Six and Nine! I understand all of these problems, but those especially. For some reason, at work I’ll be reading a book on break and everyone feels the need to come up to me and tell me they read too and they’re also educated and what am I reading, oh they’re never heard of it, why aren’t you talkative at all today, you’re being quiet are you okay? GO AWAY I’M READING! There is no end to it!
    Is your favorite book really the Scorpio Races or is it an example? I’m going to re-read that soon because I LOVED it and it’s one of the few books I’ve five stared! We should talk about it sometime!


    1. It’s insanely frustrating, especially since it seems to be that the more intense the part you’re reading, the higher the chance someone will come and talk to you.
      And yes, I adore the Scorpio Races. We should.


  2. I can’t even deal with the perfection of the post. For the first one, I usually put it under a stack of books or I put it in my bookshelf and it corrects itself. For the stickers, I still cry.


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