Food from books

Do you ever want to try a food you read about in a book? Like really, really want to? I’m not talking about someone mentioning the homemade chicken noodle soup they eat when they’re sick or the hamburger they got at the diner, but a food that only exists in that book.

Because I do. All the time.

Here are a few of the ones I want to try.

  • Dauntless Cake from Divergent. They’ve never exactly said, but I’ve always imagined it as being a moist, fluffy, rich chocolate cake with icing instead of frosting and served in huge slices. Basically, my mouth starts watering whenever I think about it.
  • Butterbeer from Harry Potter. I attempted to make Butterbeer a few days ago. It did not go well. I know you can get it in the Harry Potter Universal park, but we don’t live anywhere near Florida and I kind of doubt we’ll be going there anywhere soon. But I still really want to try Butterbeer.
  • November Cakes from The Scorpio Races. They’re described as sticky and served warm and that they’re dipped in a sticky orange glaze and they sound amazing and this November I’m totally going to attempt to make them.
  • Peeta’s Cheese Buns from The Hunger Games. There has to be a reason that Peeta’s cheese buns are pretty much like Katniss’s favorite thing ever, and I want to know why that reason is.
  • Fizzy Lifting Drink from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Provided I can get down again and won’t just be floating around the ceiling for years, this drink would be pretty awesome to try in real life.

So, what are some foods from books that you want to try? Maybe you agree with me about the Dauntless cake or the cheese buns, or maybe there’s something else you want to try. TELL ME. I wish to know!

Happy Friday,


14 thoughts on “Food from books

  1. OH DARN IT I’M HUNGRY NOW. And that cake gif at top top too :’O *stomach rumbles* I WOUDL KILL FOR PEETA’S CHEESE BUNS. And Dauntless Cake, because it would be sacrilege not to try that 😛 Fabulous post, Aine ❤ (Obviously.)


    1. Both are things that just getting a random recipe off the internet means you can’t really taste what it actually tastes like and you need to get the recipe directly from the author. I don’t know why.


  2. Yes! I wish I could eat fictional food like all the time. Apparently Maggie Stiefvater has put out a November Cakes recipe. I haven’t tried making them yet, but I’ve been itching to for ages.


  3. OMGGGG I WANT TO MAKE NOVEMBER CAKES TOOOOO. If you do, will you post pictures?! I’m so desperate to see someone do them. xD hehe. I love food in books. Obviously. It speaks to me on a spiritual level. :’) I’d love to try Dauntless cake. And Katniss’ lamb and plum stew. I ate Turkish Delight once but, I mean, it was good, but I wouldn’t do an Edmund and sell my family for it. *shrugs* I would totally sell my family for butterbeer tho. #notgonnalie


    1. I will most post pictures. Because I will want to gloat that I get that deliciousness and no one else does (and I’m only like three quarters kidding). I find Turkish Delight weird. I didn’t like the texture of it, so I think that’s why I didn’t really enjoy it.


  4. I make my Butterbeer with cream soda and butternut squash sauce/caramel sauce (I found the caramel sauce was tastier!). I’ve had Butterbeer in Florida and the HP Studio Tours and I won’t lie when I say mine tastes pretty good too! This is a great post, though, I’m definitely going to try and make more food-related bookish DIYs!
    And I have just seen that this post is from 2015… not ashamed to say I literally searched “food in books” on your blog having seen you’ve blogged about it before! Haha, Happy New Year 2017. ;P


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