Why I Started Blogging & Why I Kept Blogging

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I’m going to do a slightly different post for today. I recently realized that while I’ve talked a little bit about HOW I started blogging, I didn’t talk anything about WHY I started blogging, nor why I kept blogging even though all of my other blogs were massive failures. Yes, other blogs. Plural.

I have had several blogs before I started this one. My first blog, one written by thirteen and fourteen year about me from the POV of my pet hedgehog (lasted eight months and 16 posts before it died), a cooking blog (nine months, couple dozen posts), a blog cowritten by me and friend (less than two months, three posts), and a writing blog (got the main page up…and then it died). It had nothing to do with the blogs themselves, I just liked the idea of it. It sounded fun, in theory, but in reality I lacked the motivation (and the frequency of posting) to allow them to grow past a tiny side project.

And then, I heard about this absolutely fantastic idea. This fantastic idea? ARCs. That’s right. I started blogging about books because I heard book bloggers get…you guessed it…free books. And not only that, you got free books months before they actually came out. It was the greatest idea ever!

And that’s why I started a book blog. But that’s not why I kept blogging.

I come from a family of readers. But very specific types of readers. My mom only reads romances. Think Nora Roberts kinds of things.  My dad reads sci-fi, epic fantasy, and horror. My dad strays from his genres to read the occasion award-winning intense contemporary, my mom has strayed maybe a total of three times. One of those times it was to read Uglies, for whatever reason, which she weirdly adored. But, for the most part, they steadfastly refuse to leave their little niches.

I, however, took any book you offered (quite possibly snatching it out of your hands). I would visit the library weekly, checking out 15+ books at a time. The librarians knew me. I racked up impressive fines (I’m pretty sure I single handedly paid for the new library branch). I read massive quantities of books. The problem?

I had no one to talk to about them. None of my friends were (or are, really) readers. I would read an amazing book, rush to talk to them about it, only to find not only had they not read it, they had no idea the book even existed.

I was undeniably a bookworm, but I was missing out on a major part. The community of it, the way that liking similar books can connect you to people, the connections being bookworms can cause.

And then, I started blogging. And I somehow, accidentally stumbled into that community without even meaning to. Within the first few months, I had made friends that not only liked the same books I did, but genuinely loved books, genuinely loved talking about books, and genuinely loved being in the community.

I may have started blogging to get free books, but I stayed because of the community I found. I stayed because of you guys.

And I don’t intend to leave any time soon.

Happy Tuesday,



14 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging & Why I Kept Blogging

  1. Oh, yes, free books are totally awesome! I don’t know why I started blogging; I think it was more because I used to review on Goodreads, but I didn’t enjoy it too much and thought that blogging would be pretty fun, so I took the leap in December. It’s so much fun so far, and I truly don’t regret it! ❤️


  2. Wait a second… You get free books because of blogging???

    *mind explodes*

    Maybe I should start doing more bookish posts, rather than writing posts, lol! But yeah, I can totally understand the amazing community! I have met so many wonderful writing friends through blogging, and I honestly cannot believe how amazing it has been! My blog isn’t even a year old yet, but I know that I’ll be blogging for a very long time…


    1. You haven’t heard people talking about ARCs? The bigger you get, the more likely you are to get them when you request them.
      People are amazing here! There are the occasional mean/rude person, but they’re few and far in between.

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      1. I actually have heard people talk about ARC’s, but I had no idea how to get them or request them??? And I also didn’t know it was a blogging thing. I’m relatively new to the whole blogging experience, so I guess I still have a lot to learn!

        Yeah!! Luckily I haven’t come across any rude people yet, but I guess there’s always time for that to happen in the future…


      2. Most publishers have forms somewhere on their website where they let you sign up, or under a “contact us” page they have a special section for review/desk copies.

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  3. Haha And the world was a better place because of all of this! 🙂 I have a little unique perspective on blogging, being that I’ve now been doing it for about six years… long before I even knew ARCs were a thing! I love that you did it to start connecting with people, which is, I think, one of the most rewarding things about blogging… especially because I was the opposite for such a long time: for me, it was primarily a means of getting better at writing, and giving me more of an excuse to read and spend time on the Internet. If anyone had so much as commented on my blog in those first couple of years, I think I would have died of embarrassment!


    1. It is! I’ve made so many cool friends because of blogging. And the reason you started it really good, too! I think blogging can improve your writing skills SO MUCH, especially because you need to condense everything down into like, 300-800 words.


  4. Growing up, I was a total ”library kid” myself. Except that it was the school library I frequented, ha ha. 🙂


      1. School libraries are mostly average-sized, but I didn’t care about the size because the books were brilliant.

        I replied to your email, by the way. Hope I didn’t sent it to the wrong address 🙂

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